• 220 V


  • L 15.5 x W 11.5 x H 18 cm


Pastadrive is the practical motor compatible with Marcato products, which facilitates processing dough or grinding flour.

With Pastadrive you can avoid securing the machine to the worktop and you have both hands free during use.
Once Pastadrive is coupled on it is very stable and you can stand the machine on any flat surface.
Constant speed reduces processing times with less effort during use.


Product Features:

  • EASY COUPLING - The bayonet fitting allows the machine to be instantly and securely coupled on. You will not have to secure the motor in any other way.
  • ERGONOMICS - Pastadrive is made with an ergonomic shape that facilitates the grip and stops your hands from slipping.
  • SAFE - You can use Pastadrive safely, paying attention to the suggestions in this manual.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL - Pastadrive is compatible with the Marcato Atlas and Ampia pasta machines and with Marga Mulino grain mill.



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