Handle-Blade Trigger

  • a gentle squeeze of its ergonomic handle extends the blade naturally. Simply release the handle when finished and the blade retracts automatically. Greatly reduce the risk of injury!


Tape Splitter

  • located at the rear of the unit, open boxes without blunting the blade

Clip-On Holster with Blade Holder

  • increase efficiency without disruption



  • 操作時按壓手柄上的開關鍵便能伸出刀片,當使用完畢後,只要輕輕鬆手,刀片便會收回,減少因疏忽而對使用者構成危險



  • 必要時可透過界刂刀尾部的開封工具,割開箱頭上的封箱膠紙


  • 掛身刀套備有刀片匣,方便隨時更換刀片

EC6000 Easy Cut 6000

Color: green

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