Ideal for starting with sous vide cooking. By cooking it in hermetic sealed plastic bags and immersed in water at precisely controlled and low temperature for a long time. The temperature and cooking time varies according to the product requirements. Recommended for restaurants, hotel restaurants, caterers, public caterers, butchers, and bars.

This mountable version of Pearl is particularly flexible, quickly assembled and ideal for use in catering. Its space saving design allows for quick storage. Pearl guarantees a temperature stability of +/- 0.03'C in vessels or cooking pots up to 58 liters.

真空低溫烹調法 (sous vide) 源自於法國,是一種利用相對較低的溫度進行長時閒加熱的烹飪方法。使用這種方法,不但可以保留食材原有的鮮美,也可以科學化的方式記錄溫度與時間,讓下一次的烹調可以保持相同風味或標準化,適用於各種餐廳食肆。

Pearl系低溫慢煮機全德國製造,4.5公斤簡單的懸掛式設置,易於安裝在任何多達 58升及165毫米浸沒深度的器皿。配備大容量循環泵(3.7加侖/分鐘),使溫差範圍保持於+/- 0.03'C. 


  • Temperature stability of +/- 0.03'C

  • Splash-proof operating keypad

  • Bright VFD temperature display

  • Hygienic anti-fingerprint stainless hood

  • Low-level water alarm

  • Timer

  • High-capacity pump (1 41/mmn)

  • Ear vessels up to 58 liters

  • Easy installation with mounting bracket

  • Stainless steel protection grid (included)

  • Vapor barrier protection

  • Temperature display in 'C and 'F

  • Protection class 1Px4: Protection against spray water from all directions

  • 溫度穩定性維持在 +/- 0.03'C

  • 防濺濕操作鍵盤

  • 明亮的LED溫度顯示器

  • 不銹鋼防指紋罩

  • 低水位警報裝置

  • 定時器

  • 高性能泵 (14L/min)

  • 適用於58升以下容器

  • 簡易固定裝買

  • 不銹鋼安全保護網格

  • 蒸汽隔絕層

  • “攝氏” 和 “華氏“’兩種溫度製式

  • IPX4 防護等級,即可阻擋所有角度的液體噴灑

Temperature inside the bath


  • GN 1/2 200 mm (13 liters):up to about 5 kg              

  • GN 1/1 150 mm (19 liters):up to about 8 kg

  • GN 1/1 200 mm (27 liters):up to about 12 kg

  • GN 2/1 150 mm (44 liters):up to about 20 kg

  • GN 2/1 200 mm (58 liters):up to about 27 kg

  • GN 1/2 200 mm (13升):建議食材包容量約5公斤

  • GN 1/1 150 mm (19升):建議食材包容量約8公斤

  • GN 1/1 200mm (27升):建議食材包容量約12公斤

  • GN 2/1 150mm (44升):建議食材包容旦約22公斤

  • GN 2/1 200mm (58升):建議食材包容量約27公斤

Vacuum packaging cycle 


The integrated safety protection grid prevents the vacuum pouch from touching the heating coil, pump and the float.

The strong circulating pump ensures optimum temperature stability and even distribution of water in the bath. This has a positive effect on the heat-up times when chilled pouches of foods are put into the bath. The integrated timer allows for easy monitoring of the remaining cooking time.


只需使用它的連接固定夾,就可以和任何容器和烹飪鍋匹配, 集成的定時器功能可以輕鬆掌握連續烹調時間或剩餘烹調時開。

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