5 MINS    Your Oil ​is clean.   

Save up to 50% of your cooking oil


  • Save up to 50% of frying oil

  • Successfully reduce charcoal, sediments, etc., keep cooking oil and equipment in best condition. Improve the taste and quality of fried foods.

  • Easy to Use

  • Always clean oil in less than 5 minutes

  • 減少更換油次數, 可讓你節省耗油成本百分之五十

  • VITO® 能成功降低炭化物, 及沉積物等, 從而使食油及設備處於最佳狀態.  使提高油炸食物味道及質量.

  • 客易操作

  • 濾油過程五分鐘內完成, 過程全自動.

Vacuum packaging cycle 

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