Timestrip® produces high-tech and low cost irreversible visual indicators of time and temperature, used around the world and across all industries where time and temperature need to be controlled.




  • indication of time and temperature change by change of color progress along marker in viewing window                                                                                                   

  • small and self-adhesive, can be attached directly to a product or device and held constantly in view


  • each indicator contains a white porous membrane, through
    which a dyed liquid travels at a known rate

  • the color progresses along time markers and when the viewing window is completely filled, the full time has elapsed


  • food-grade oils and non-toxic colourants sealed in multi-layer polymer and aluminum-plastic composite film


  • manufactured under the controls established by an IQC approved quality management system that conforms with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO13485:2016

  • 通過標籤的顏色變化顯示相關產品的儲存溫度,時間,以及環境變化,從而協助產品管理

  • 小巧的不乾膠指示標籤,可以直接貼在產品或設備上持續觀察


  • 每個標籤都含有白色多孔薄膜,透過薄膜可以看到有色液劑流動


  • 隨着時間推移,有色區域續漸增加,當觀察窗口被完全填满時,表示預設時間結束


  • 食品級有色油劑由多層高分子聚合物及鋁塑復合覆膜封裝


  • 附合國際標準化組織的 ISO9001:2015 品質管理體系要求 及 ISO13485:2016 

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