Specialize in vacuum packaging machines, develop and distribute worldwide. Approximately 15.000 machines a year to a network of 450 distributors in more than 80 countries, the perfect packaging partner.


  • Extract Up to 99.8% of Air

  • Professional Vacuum Pumps from "Busch" is used

  • All Machines Made in Holland

  • 3 Year Warranty

  • 真空度高達99.8%

  • 獨家專用德國Busch出廠的高規格品質氣泵

  • 全荷蘭製造

  • 3年保用

 vacuum pack food

  • Extend shelf life of food products

  • Ensure food quality and improve food safety

  • Optimize storage and portion control

  • A "must" for sous-vide cooking

  • Reduce moisture loss

  • Keep nutrition of food

  • Professional Presentation HACCP Compliant

  • No cross contamination

  • 延長食品保存期

  • 增加食品安全及保持食物質素

  • 減少包裝體積和容易控制份量

  • 慢煮必備

  • 減低食品在煮食時的水份流失

  • 可以保存食品較多營養

  • 符合食物安全重點控制管理系統(HACCP)

  • 防止交叉感染

Vacuum packaging cycle 


1. Extraction of air

  • The air is extracted from the product, the bag and the chamber up until the pre-set time or vacuum percentage has been reached or the boiling point has been detected.                                                                                                     

2. Gas Flush (Option)

  • Also called Modified Atmospheric Packaging (MAP). Adding a gas offers extra protection and prevents the product from coloring It's usually a gas mixture.


3. Seal   

  • The right seal system protects products effectively against external elements. Depending on the type and thickness of the vacuum pouch, and your packaging needs.


4. Aeration

  • Once the bag has been sealed, the air is brought back into the chamber. As soon as the pressure in the chamber equals the pressure outside, the lid opens.


1. 空氣提取

  • 提取食品、真空袋及真空槽內的空氣直至到達預設時間,或到達真空沸點。

2. 氣體回沖(選擇性)

  • 亦稱為調氣包裝。於密封前注入小量氮氣,使食品於真空擠壓令減低變型風險。


3. 壓條密封

  • 利用熱力雙壓條將真空袋雙重密封,以隔絕外來細菌及塵埃。

4. 充氣

  • 真空袋密封後,空氣會充回真空槽內。當真空槽氣壓回復正常水平,透明上蓋會自動開啟。

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