Established more than 30 years in France, Robot Coupe has been the food service industry leader in the development and refinement of commercial food processors and vegetable preparation units. Over the years, Robot Coupe has been honored many times for its superior products and excellent customer service.

Robot Coupe.


Established since 1919 in USA, make everything from cutlery, to coffee makers, to cooktops. A world of products with a single purpose: to make sure you get the most out of making.


Specialize in vacuum packaging machines, develop and distribute worldwide. Approximately 15.000 machines a year to a network of 450 distributors in more than 80 countries, the perfect packaging partner.


Established more than xx, KITALY has been the food service industry leader in the development and refinement of commercial food processors and vegetable preparation units.


HOSHIZAKI is the name that represents quality commercial kitchen equipment.
We specialize in ice machines and refrigeration products around the world.


Pentair Everpure is one of the most recognized brands amongst foodservice operators and facilities managers, and one of the most trusted brands by those who serve the foodservice industry, including consultants, dealers, service providers, and original water-using equipment manufacturers.


Establsihed since 1989 in Italy, leading manufacturer of blast chillers and shock freezers


Williams Refrigeration is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of award winning professional refrigeration and has built a global reputation over the years for performance, quality and value for money. Our vast product range includes high performance, energy efficient and sustainable refrigerated cabinets and counters, blast chillers, coldrooms, back bar, front of house display and specialist bakery equipment.


Notion Lite, designed and manufactured by The IMC Group Ltd with over 25 years experience, is an ideal 24/7  wireless, cloud based temperature monitoring system commonly used in food retail outlets, medical centers and chemists.This easy to use system provides users with immediate access to real-time data and alarms, with audit ready reports available at the click of a button.


Timestrip® produces high-tech and low cost irreversible visual indicators of time and temperature, used around the world and across all industries where time and temperature need to be controlled.


In 1981 the Lainox company was founded in Italy, in Vittorio Veneto, Treviso.
It immediately specialized in designing and creating equipment for professional restaurateurs, especially multi-use ovens.
Its strong entrepreneurial spirit and the quality of its innovations made it quickly stand out. Both qualities led to the rapid achievement of results and attainment of significant market share in Italy and abroad.


Established in USA since 1950, specialize in food warmer equipment with factory in China.

Conveyor Toaster uses conveyor speed to determine uniform toasting colors, giving great flexibility and performance.


Established  in France since 1947, specialize in multifunction ovens.


Ideal for starting with sous vide cooking. By cooking it in hermetic sealed plastic bags and immersed in water at precisely controlled and low temperature for a long time. The temperature and cooking time varies according to the product requirements. Recommended for restaurants, hotel restaurants, caterers, public caterers, butchers, and bars.


Established more than xx, KITALY has been the food service industry leader in the development and refinement of commercial food processors and vegetable preparation units.


VITO, provides cooking oil filtration System for Food & Beverage Industries in Germany, saves up to 50% frying oil

Successfully reduce charcoal, sediments. Keep oil and equipment in best condition.


Spherificator is the newest addition to Cedarlane Culinary. For years, we have been distributing modernist culinary equipment to chefs and home enthusiasts across North America.

Based just west of Toronto, we aim to bring the convenience, efficiency, and consistency the Spherificator offers to foodies, home chefs, and anyone else with a passion for bringing their dinner parties to the next level.


The company was originally started in the 40's by the Swiss business entrepreneur Theo Krebs. Over the following decades, the company established its self as a leader in airless spraying, specifically in the paint, textile and food industries.Today the companies main focus is on manufacturing professional equipment for industries such as the Food preparation, Textile production and Material cleaning. Each product is made in Switzerland using high quality components, and are 100% tested before leaving the factory, and explains our reputation for delivering our high quality, professional, reliable long life products.


Hatco's Food Warmer keep a variety of foods hot and flavor -fresh until served, having the flexibility to keep a variety of foods at safe-serving temperatures.


Since 1960s in Germany, specialize in storage solution and food transportation solution.


Thermo Future Boxes are very durable and lightweight, hygienic, dishwasher-proof and have best insulation attitudes from - 40 to max. + 120 °C. Boxes are especially made for a longer lasting transportation of temperature sensitive food to keep products hot, cold or fresh. THERMO FUTURE BOX is made of Expanded PolyPropylene (= EPP, no styrofoam).


Individual developments combined with the experience direct from the manufacturer are main advantages for our customers. Thermo Future Boxes are available for a wide range of applications: restaurant, butchershop, catering, bakery/confectionery (60/40), pizza or delivery services: Hot - Fresh - Cold


SouthPro Enterprise Ltd. is a commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer. The company is located in Seoul, they have been manufacturing kitchen equipment for over 25 years.


A family company with committed staff. A network of professional partners. This is this basis on which Winterhalter develops solutions for commercial warewashing. For the benefit of our customers all over the world.


Introducing the commercial potwasher, integrated with the granule technology, that packs a lot of punch, designed to tackle huge washing loads with great ease and      efficiency, minimizing workers getting strain from the long-hour, repetitive work.The commercial potwasher is certified with the international standard in terms of duration and temperature in the cleaning process.


Detergent and soap, made in Hong Kong


 Tork is a leading global hygiene and health company


Atlantic Chef " makes use of refined steel 1.4116 produced in German as manufacturing materials for cutting tools with testing standards .Equipped with sophisticated instruments and holding advanced production technology, every manufacturing process from taking shape for blade, performing thermal treatment, cutting and grinding blade, designing hilt to assembling accessories is under stringent monitoring and control, enabling products featuring smooth cutting, extreme sharpness and long lasting durability. And its also capable with HACCP Standard. 


DICK is a world leading brand of German in the professional field of knife sharpener, the design of which fully answers the requirements for human engineering. “Red A" also acts as an agent for “DICK” in Hong Kong  and Macau with diversified products from “Beginner Level”, “Master Level” to “Profession Level”. Potential buyers can choose from various products for coarse grinding, fine grinding or just surface polishing according to the final purpose in regard of the nature of their business, such as hotel, restaurant, slaughterhouse or food processing factory.


Easy Cut, has been launched since 1982 in USA, most complete, easy to use and safe cutting system in the market.


Edlund, established since 1930s in USA, specialize on the cutting edge of kitchen equipment, providing food processing customers worldwide with quality solutions.

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